What is the management of peptic ulcer disease?

What is the management of peptic ulcer disease?

In this video, Dr. Deepak N Amarapurkar, Gastroenterologist, Bombay Hospital & Medical Research Center, will discuss the management of peptic ulcer disease. The main goal of the management of peptic ulcer disease is the prevention of complications such as GI bleeding, perforation etc. He also further says that NSAIDs, smoking tobacco, alcohol consumption should be avoided. Treatments should be drugs which suppress the acid secretions. Initial treatment is for 4 weeks, if the patient is not better then continue the treatment for another 4 -8 weeks. Also, a repeat endoscopy should be done to confirm the healing of the peptic ulcer.

Dr. Deepak Narayan Amarapurkar

Dr Deepak Narayan Amarapurkar, Indian physician, consultant. Fellow American College Gastroenterology; member Indian Society Gastroenterology, Indian Association Study of Liver, Society Gastrointestinal Endoscopy India, Association Physicians India, International Gastro-Surgical Club.

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