What is peptic ulcer?

What is peptic ulcer?

In this video, Dr. Deepak N Amarapurkar, Gastroenterologist, Bombay Hospital & Medical Research Center, will discuss about peptic ulcer. It is caused by the imbalance between the aggressive factors such as acid pepsin, H pylori and mucosal protective mechanisms etc. Any excess of these factors leads to ulceration of gastrointestinal mucosa. Dr. Amarapurkar will also discuss the types of peptic ulcer such as gastric and duodenal ulcers. The major causes of gastric ulcers are H pylori infection, NSAIDs use etc. H pylori infection increases the acid secretion and bacterial infections predisposes to ulcer formation.

Dr. Deepak Narayan Amarapurkar

Dr Deepak Narayan Amarapurkar, Indian physician, consultant. Fellow American College Gastroenterology; member Indian Society Gastroenterology, Indian Association Study of Liver, Society Gastrointestinal Endoscopy India, Association Physicians India, International Gastro-Surgical Club.

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