Heart disease among young people is escalating towards epidemic, says cardiologist

In a recent report, Dr. Ramakanta Panda, the world's top heart surgeon & Chairman Asian Heart Institute, Mumbai, discussed young people's poor heart health and revealed the connection between the recent alarming surge of heart attacks among people under 45 and COVID-19. According to Dr. Panda, an increased number of young individuals with serious cardiac illnesses are coming to the Asian Cardiac Institute, triggering global concerns. 

With hectic lives and lifestyle disorders like diabetes, obesity, and hypertension, heart disease may strike at any moment. Instead of living an unhealthy lifestyle that causes early heart disease, focusing on heart health preventive measures is crucial. Dr. Panda said, "Even without symptoms, you may have a cardiac issue. Frequent cardiac screening tests are recommended if you have a family history of heart disease or other risk factors. These tests may detect issues early, allowing for therapy before cardiac damage develops. Let's start early to protect our hearts and live healthily."

Dr. Panda's research on the impact of COVID-19 on heart health has revealed significant concerns. During the acute phase of the virus, inflammation can cause blood to clot more quickly, resulting in decreased blood flow to the heart and possibly leading to heart attacks. Additionally, long-term heart muscle dysfunction and irregular heartbeats have been observed. People with pre-existing cardio-metabolic conditions such as high blood pressure, diabetes, and obesity are particularly vulnerable to severe complications from COVID-19. "COVID-19 has left its mark on the heart, causing myriad problems," says Dr. Panda. He further emphasizes the importance of prioritizing heart health and general well-being to protect against the harsh effects of COVID-19.

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