Woman with Stage-III Bowel Cancer Shares the First Signs

A 31-year-old mother of two experienced symptoms of bowel cancer for several years before the diagnosis; however, she misinterpreted them as she did not anticipate a serious issue.

Bri Mahon was an active and healthy individual; she could have never imagined that a serious ailment like cancer could be forthcoming. Her initial symptoms included digestive issues such as irritation and bloating, but blood tests did not reveal any abnormal findings. 

Two years ago, she noticed increased anxiety and fatigue, which she now attributes to the growing tumor in her abdomen. After giving birth prematurely last September, Bri began experiencing blood in her stool, initially assuming it was related to pregnancy and her irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) symptoms. However, the bleeding persisted and worsened, with changes in bowel movements and the color of the discharge.

Feeling something amiss, Bri consulted a gastroenterologist who scheduled a colonoscopy, leading to a diagnosis of stage 3 bowel cancer. Symptoms, such as blood in stools and changes in bowel habits, are indicators of bowel cancer – according to the NHS-UK. 

Bri recently started the first of two rounds of chemotherapy and radiation. She has been scheduled for surgical removal of the remaining part of the tumor after completing these treatments.


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