Johnson & Johnson Sues Researchers Linking Talc Products to Cancer

Johnson & Johnson (J&J) has filed a lawsuit claiming that the doctors' research promotes a "false narrative" about the J&J talc’s link to cancer incidence. However, such litigations refuting research findings are uncommon. The legal action was taken against four doctors who published studies linking talc-based personal care products to cancer. The company argues that the studies are inaccurate and has filed a lawsuit in a New Jersey federal court through its subsidiary, LTL Management. 

The lawsuit aims to compel three researchers to retract or correct a study suggesting a connection between asbestos-contaminated talc products and mesothelioma. J&J faces thousands of lawsuits alleging that their talc products caused various cancers. The company denies the allegations and seeks to resolve the lawsuits through an $8.9 billion settlement in bankruptcy court. 

J&J has discontinued the sale of talc-based baby powder due to lawsuits and misinformation but continues to sell it in India. The ongoing availability of the product in India has raised concerns among child rights groups, parents, and doctors. J&J has contemplated bankruptcy as a potential solution to address the lawsuits. LTL has filed lawsuits against the researchers, accusing them of concealing information and defaming the company. The lawsuits allege product disparagement, fraud, and other claims. 

The lawsuits may be seen as an aggressive move to discourage other researchers and control the talc safety narrative. Moline, one of the researchers, argues that revealing patient identities would have a chilling effect on future medical research. LTL claims that the doctors received substantial sums of money from plaintiffs' lawyers to promote a false narrative about J&J. Previous lawsuits filed by LTL were dismissed in April 2023.


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