Ayush Mobile Medical Units to Extend Healthcare Reach in Dakshina Kannada District

Ayush Mobile Medical Units to Extend Healthcare Reach in Dakshina Kannada District

The Ayush department in Dakshina Kannada district is set to launch mobile medical units to bring Ayush healthcare services to the doorstep of residents in remote areas. These mobile units, equipped with a doctor and a multi-purpose worker, will travel to interior locations in Puttur, Sullia, and Belthangady taluks.

According to Dr. Mohammad Iqbal, the district Ayush officer, “The primary objective of the mobile medical units is to provide Ayush healthcare to individuals who lack access to proper healthcare facilities. The services will include screening and managing common communicable and non-communicable diseases, basic outpatient care, and referral to higher Ayush facilities when necessary.”

The district has received approval for three mobile units for the 2023-24 financial year. The department is currently developing action plans to implement the scheme, which will be submitted to the government. The goal is to roll out the program within three months, well ahead of the February deadline. Each mobile unit will carry an adequate supply of Ayush medicines to be distributed to patients in the villages free of charge.

“The first step in the implementation process involves identifying villages and clusters that lack adequate healthcare facilities or are difficult to access.” Says Dr. Iqbal. “The department will create a detailed schedule to operate the mobile clinics effectively in various villages. Based on the demand from the local population, doctors specializing in Ayurveda or other branches of Ayush will be sent to provide healthcare services.”

As there are no existing Ayush units in Puttur, Sullia, and Belthangady taluks, the mobile clinics will initially cover eight villages per month on a rotating basis. The mobile units will be deployed in these areas to prioritize the provision of healthcare services where they are most needed. The recruitment of doctors and staff members will take place once the government approves the action plan. The department plans to outsource vehicles for the mobile units.

Dr. Iqbal further emphasized the department’s commitment to reaching underserved communities and highlighted the importance of functional facilities in improving healthcare accessibility.

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