Post-Covid, Corporates to Offer OPD Benefits

According to a recent report by AON India, workplaces are becoming more employee-friendly by offering health benefits that go beyond typical hospitalization coverage. Based on a survey of 251 companies of various sizes and industries, the report indicates that more companies now provide primary care benefits, including consultations, medicines, lab tests, and mental health counseling, compared to before the pandemic.

In 2019, only 40 of the surveyed companies offered outpatient department (OPD) benefits, but in 2023, this number has increased to 85 companies, representing a 51% growth. Companies are increasingly adopting a digital approach to offer additional benefits like teleconsultations, lab tests, physiotherapy, dental and vision care, vaccinations, and more.

Mental health has become critical, and companies are now providing access to psychologists and doctors to support employees' mental well-being. This approach aims to improve overall employee performance, reduce absenteeism, and enhance the quality of work. Mental health consultations are now covered in health insurance programs on the OPD side.

The concept of "health" at workplaces is shifting from merely addressing illness to promoting overall wellness. While not all companies have embraced OPD benefits, many are gradually moving towards it. Some prominent tech companies have adopted a wellness model, providing various wellness solutions such as mental health services, telemedicine, gym benefits, access to financial and legal experts, and more to ensure overall employee well-being.

Although hospitalization insurance utilization is 11%, over 50% of employees utilize OPD benefits. Companies are looking to create integrated digital platforms that allow employees to access both hospitalization and OPD benefits, as well as wellness services, making it easier to submit claims and well ness engagements like Stepathon, access to gyms, swimming pools, and sports activities.


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