Is Donanemab a Breakthrough Treatment for Alzheimer’s?

A new drug – Donanemab has shown remarkable benefits in Alzheimer's patients. Clinical trials demonstrate that its use in patients detected early can slow down cognitive decline. Donanemab, by Eli Lilly, holds confirmatory evidence in slowing cognitive decline in early-stage Alzheimer's disease. In Phase 3 clinical trial, nearly half of the participants showed no decline in disease severity at one year, and 72% showed complete resolution by 18 months. 

The drug targets amyloid, a protein that damages neurons in the brains of people with dementia. The trial results revealed a 35% slowing of cognitive decline compared to placebo, along with a reduced risk of progressing to the next stage of the disease. 

However, the drug poses risk for serious side effects, including brain swelling and bleeding. Further, three deaths were linked to the treatment. The side effects require careful monitoring and management.


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