How do we check for cognitive functions?

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How do we check for cognitive functions?

This video talks about how to check cognitive functions by Dr. K K Aggarwal, Padma Shri Awardee, Editor-in-chief IJCP Publications. He explains that 5 things need to be checked:

  1. Immediate memory: While talking suddenly divert the topic and ask him what they were talking about. 
  2. Calculation: Ask him reverse calculations. A person with cognitive impairment won’t be able to do the calculations.
  3. Language: Let the patient read or write something. He might not read or write correctly in case of cognitive impairment. 
  4. Reasoning: Ask simple questions to check whether he can reason out or not or ask about relations, etc.
  5. Disorientation: The patient with cognitive impairment will not know the directions of the familiar places. 

Dr. Aggarwal will explain these 5 points of cognitive impairment in patients and how to diagnose it.

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