I have heard that probiotics can improve CKD Is it true?

I have heard that probiotics can improve CKD Is it true?

Dr. Umapati Narasinha Hegde, Consultant Nephrologist, Gujarat will talk about the role of probiotics in CKD. He says that is a useful adjuvant therapy with the ongoing treatment for chronic kidney disease. Long term clinical trials are necessary as there needs to be therapeutic as well practical application of the clinical data.

Dr. Umapati Narasinha Hegde

Dr. Umapati Narasinha Hegde, MD, DNB Dr. Hegde is the Vice Chairman, Department of Nephrology at the Muljibhai Patel Urological Hospital, Nadiad, in the state of Gujarat. He is also Fellow of ISN (FISN), University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences, USA International Society of Nephrology May 2006.

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