What can cause recurrent urinary infections?

What can cause recurrent urinary infections?

In this video, Dr. S C Dash, Director, Kalinga Institute of Medical Sciences, AIIMS, New Delhi, will talk about recurrent urinary infections. It is mostly seen in females but males also can develop it. It prostatic obstruction or stones, urinary tract infection can occur. Acute UTI is generally related to sexual activities. He will further explain the cause for recurrent infections too.

Dr. Prof SC Dash

Dr. S C Dash is Former Professor & Head, Dept of Nephrology in AIIMS, New Delhi, India. Dr. Dash has served in All India Institute of Medical Sciences for almost 30 years. Dr. Dash currently the Emeritus Professor in Medicine and Professor & Head of Nephrology Department at KIMS was earlier Director, KIMS & Pradyumna Bal Memorial Hospital. He has served at AIIMS, New Delhi for 31 years as Professor and HOD of Nephrology, where he trained innumerable MD, DM, DNB & Ph.D. students.

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