What should we do if a patient has nephropathy?

What should we do if a patient has nephropathy?

In this video, Dr. Suman Kirti, Endocrinologist, Holy Family Hospital, New Delhi will talk about a patient who has nephropathy and what should be done in this case Glycemia control is very necessary in such patients. Drugs such as ACE inhibitors reduces the progression of renal disease in diabetes. ACE inhibitors are a class of drugs which reduces the blood pressure, improves the glomerular circulation and also reduces microalbuminuria. ACE inhibitors also reduces hypertension which is a risk factor for nephropathy. Dr. Suman will highlight the different trials with ACE inhibitors which have shown significant reduction in nephropathy, cardiovascular diseases, stroke and all cause mortality. Thus, for diabetic patients who are hypertensive, ACE inhibitors are drug of choice.

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