What management of status asthmaticus?

What management of status asthmaticus?

In this video, Dr. Vinod Kumar Singh, Senior Consultant, Critical Care, Sri Ganga Ram Hospital, New Delhi will discuss the management of status asthmaticus. It is a life-threatening condition and it requires emergency medications. He will explain that the patient should be given supplemental oxygen which is the first step of management. Also, patients should be nebulised. He will further explain the course of treatment. Patients are kept in observation and might require a longer duration of nebuliser. If the patient does not improve with the initial management then they are shifted to ICU and kept under close monitoring.

Dr. Vinod Kumar Singh

Dr Vinod Kumar Singh is a Senior Consultant in the Department of Critical Care in Sir Ganga Ram Hospital and and Sir Ganga Ram City Hospital and Dharamshila Hospital and Research Centre, Rajinder Nagar, New Delhi. MD, FCCP, MRCP, EDIC.

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