Start-Ups Step Up to Transform India's Mental Health System

A ray of hope has been cast upon the mental health ecosystem of India, with the potential for start-ups to make an impact. An estimated 8.5 crore individuals suffer from depression and anxiety-related disorders, while an additional seven crore are afflicted with some form of intellectual disability, autism, or attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder. According to clinical statistics, it is estimated that a staggering two hundred million individuals, roughly 15% of our population, are facing mental afflictions. Of these, an estimated eighty-five million are plagued with depression and anxiety-related disorders, while another seventy million suffer from intellectual disability, autism, or attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder. The remainder is distressed with one million cases of conduct disorder, eight million cases of bipolar disorder, four million cases of schizophrenia, three million cases of eating disorders, and multiple other mental disorders.

Despite a large number of individuals need psychiatric care, there are only 10,000 qualified psychiatrists in India, leaving the suggested norm of 3 to 6 psychiatrists per 100,000 populations unattainable. To address this issue, it is imperative that creative solutions must be implemented. The start-up ecosystem within India best carries out these types of solutions, as they are capable of providing nimble and focused efforts.

Medical experts are recognizing the need for increased access to care for adults suffering from depression and anxiety disorders and children with intellectual disabilities, autism, and attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder in some of the most remote parts of India. To do this, innovators must focus on creating integrated primary care systems with protocols like the Manas Protocol or explore using electronic self-service tools such as chatbots and gaming applications. Although several start-ups are already working on this, there is still a need for more initiatives to develop models for scaled access for patients.

The government of India has issued a call to action for start-ups to help bridge the gap in mental health care. Private capital must be encouraged to invest in start-ups that provide mental health care. This is essential to ensure that those suffering from mental health disorders have access to safe, well-regulated, and specialized treatment facilities that offer care, respect, and dignity. With upcoming innovations in care-delivery models and R&D centers creating new therapies and treatments, India has the potential to become a global hub for mental health care.


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