Should persistent tachycardia be noticed or taken care of?

Should persistent tachycardia be noticed or taken care of?

The video will discuss about persistent tachycardia by Dr. K K Aggarwal, President Heart Care Foundation of India and Group Editor in Chief MEDtalks. Persistent tachycardia means a heart rate of more than 100 per minute at the time of presentation or more than 90 per minute in the last 24 hours. Anemia can cause tachycardia which is reversible. Also, check for thyroid disorders, angina and diabetes. Dr. Aggarwal will also talk about inappropriate sinus tachycardia which is more than 100 per minute.

Dr. KK Aggarwal

Recipient of Padma Shri, Vishwa Hindi Samman, National Science Communication Award and Dr B C Roy National Award, Dr Aggarwal is a physician, cardiologist, spiritual writer and motivational speaker. He was the Past President of the Indian Medical Association and President of Heart Care Foundation of India. He was also the Editor in Chief of the IJCP Group, Medtalks and eMediNexus

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