How should we confirm if someone has diabetes?

How should we confirm if someone has diabetes?

In this video, Dr. Suman Kirti, Endocrinologist, Holy Family Hospital, New Delhi will talk how to confirm if someone has diabetes. For fasting blood sugar test, no calorie intake for past eight hours or overnight eight hours is required. If fasting blood sugar is equal to or more than 126 mg/dl, then it is diabetes mellitus, If the patient has hyperglycemia symptoms with usual plasma glucose of 200 mg/dl or more or, A 2 - hour plasma glucose of 200mg/dl or more during oral glucose tolerance test or, Glycated hemoglobin (HbA1c) of 6.5 % or above. Any of the above results, generally constitute the diagnosis of diabetes. Dr. Suman will discuss how to diagnose diabetes.

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