G20's Push for Equitable Universal Health Coverage

G20's Push for Equitable Universal Health Coverage

The G20 Health Working Group aims to establish a global digital health initiative to ensure equitable access to digital tools and technologies among member countries. Dr. VK Paul, a member of India's Niti Aayog responsible for health, emphasized India's commitment to reducing the digital health divide and promoting digital solutions during the 3rd Health Working Group meeting. He highlighted the role of digital technologies, such as telemedicine and mobile apps, in increasing access to healthcare services.

Dr. Paul proposed the creation of a platform where digital health tools are stored and accessible to any country or partner. The G20 is working towards finalizing the ministerial declaration, focusing on health emergency preparedness, pharmaceutical cooperation, and digital health innovations. The meeting emphasized the importance of collaboration, strategic investments, and cross-border health information exchange among member states.

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