E-Cigarettes Can Be Used As A First-line Aid For Smoking Cessation In Adults

A global survey for the acceptability of electronic cigarettes or vapes as an effective tool to treat nicotine addiction was carried out by Kenneth Warner, dean emeritus from the University of Michigan's School of Public Health and his team. Warner and colleagues published a study in Nature Medicine, observing the global view of vaping and investigating countries that promote vaping as a smoking cessation strategy and countries that don't. They found that the agencies in the United States and Canada acknowledge the potential importance of e-cigarette use but consider the evidence to recommend e-cigarettes for smoking cessation insufficient. However, the United Kingdom and New Zealand show high-level support and promote e-cigarettes as a first-line smoking cessation treatment option.


Along with evaluating differences in regulatory activities across countries, the researchers examined evidence that vaping improves smoking cessation, the health consequences of e-cigarettes, and the relevance for clinical care.


They also mentioned that the Food and Drug Administration symbolizes some e-cigarette brands as appropriate for public health protection, which is the standard need for marketing approval. The researchers stated, "This move indirectly points out that the FDA consents that e-cigarettes can assist some individuals who would otherwise not quit smoking."


Kenneth Warner stated that "enough evidence supports e-cigarettes' use as a first-line aid for smoking cessation in adults." Hence smokers and healthcare professionals must appreciate their potential value.


The authors thus conclude that accepting the promotion of e-cigarettes as an armamentarium for smoking cessation is crucial.


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