Coca-Cola and Pepsi Boost Sexual Health in Men and Prevent Prostate Cancer, Says Study

A recent study on mice found a significant increase in testes of the mice on day 15, who drank only Pepsi or Coca-Cola. It explained that high doses of carbonated beverages like Coca-Cola and Pepsi tend to increase testicle size and testosterone levels and can also lower the risk of prostate dysfunction and cancer. 

The study was undertaken by researchers at the Northwest Minzu University in China and reported in the scientific journal Acta Endocrinol.

The researchers provided the first group of mice with only water, while the other groups drank varying levels of Coca-Cola and Pepsi. The authors declared that "the results showed that a high dose of Pepsi or Coca-Cola could stimulate testis growth and development." They also described "An increase in the serum concentrations of testosterone in all mice after consuming Pepsi-Cola and Coca-Cola," which "indicated that high doses of these drinks could enhance testosterone secretion of male mice."

The authors concluded the study by saying," Our discoveries furnished the scientific grounds for thoroughly understanding the effects of carbonated beverages and their mechanism on development and reproduction functions of humans, and will also aid to thwart prostate dysfunction and cancer."

However, the researchers necessitated more research to elucidate a link between soda and fertility. 

Earlier studies have linked soda consumption to damage reproductive functions, reduced sperm quantity, and motility. However, the outcomes of this study differ from those of previous ones.

At last, the authors also conceded the potential health risks associated with excessive intake of carbonated beverages, like obesity, cardiovascular diseases, and type 2 diabetes.


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