Celebrating World Thyroid Day: Raising Awareness on Thyroid Disorders and Treatment

World Thyroid Day, observed on May 25th each year, aims to raise awareness about the thyroid gland and its associated diseases. 

This year's World Thyroid Day theme is that viral or bacterial infections, autoimmune diseases, or certain medications can cause thyroid disorders.

The thyroid is an important gland resembling a butterfly shape located in the neck and produces crucial hormones like T3 and T4. These hormones, synthesized from iodine and tyrosine, affect various bodily systems and processes.

Recognizing the symptoms of thyroid disorders is crucial. These symptoms may include increased appetite, sweating, heat sensitivity, anxiety, irregular or rapid heartbeat, sleep disruption, brittle hair, changes in bowel movement, enlarged thyroid gland, and skin thinning.

Diagnosing thyroid disorders involves various methods such as blood tests, imaging tests, thyroid scans, fine needle aspiration, and biopsy.

Fortunately, most thyroid disorders can be effectively managed with medical treatments and are not life-threatening. Treatment options include thyroid medications and, in some cases, thyroid surgery.

On World Thyroid Day 2023, it is essential to support those suffering from thyroid disorders and appreciate the efforts of scientists dedicated to researching and treating these conditions worldwide.


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