Benefits of Breastfeeding In Hindi | स्तनपान के होते हैं ये फायदे

Benefits of Breastfeeding In Hindi | स्तनपान के होते हैं ये फायदे

Dr. Sunita Chandra

Dr. Sunita Chandra specialized in Obstetrics and Gynaecology and subsequently pursued her career in infertility management. Currently shes is Director of Morpheus Lucknow Fertility Center & Rajendra Nagar Hospital & IVF Center, Lucknow and advanced infertility and Human Reproductive Endocrinology at Bad Münder, Germany. Dr. Sunita Chandra has been practicing assisted reproductive techniques for the last 25 years and has patient following far and wide. She did her MBBS from KGMU, Lucknow in 1987. Dr. Sunita Chandra completed her MD in Obst & Gyneac in 1991 followed by Residencyship from 1991-1992.

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