What causes Gluten Intolerance (celiac disease)?

What causes Gluten Intolerance (celiac disease)?

Dr. Carlo Catassi, Head, Department of Pediatrics, Italy, will talk about the causes of celiac disease in this video. The causes of celiac disease are genetic predisposition and gluten intolerance. Ingestion of gluten containing foods are responsible for it. He will further explain the genetic markers which are predisposed to celiac disease.

Dr. Carlo Catassi

Dr Carlo Catassi, MD, is a visiting scientist in the Department of Pediatrics at MGH. A graduate of the University of Pisa School of Medicine, Dr. Catassi is also associate professor of pediatrics at the Università Politecnica delle Marche in Ancona, Italy, where he is engaged in clinical, teaching and research responsibilities. An expert on the prevalence of celiac disease worldwide, Dr. Catassi has led many research studies at the Center and co-authored review articles with Dr. Fasano for The New England Journal of Medicine and other journals.

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