What are the new treatment modalities in personality disorders?

What are the new treatment modalities in personality disorders?

Dr. Ravi Kumar Rana, Meerut, Uttar Pradesh, will discuss the new treatment modalities in personality disorders, in this video. Many personality disorders are persistent. Anxiety, depression and other disorders subsides with the treatment but personality disorders persists throughout the life. He will explain the treatment such as behavioral therapy, exercises etc. which can be a part of treatment along with medications in personality disorders.

Dr. Ravi Kumar Rana

Dr. Ravi Kumar Rana is Expertise in Headache, Depression, De-addiction and other adult and child psychological problems. Offers consultation with an appointment on Sundays also. MBBS and MD (Neuropsychiatry) qualifications achieved through LLRM Medical College (Meerut) and GMC (Kota) respectively. Professional experience as a senior resident with SN Medical College, Agra. Presently, a Lecturer with the Department of Psychiatry at LLRM, Medical College, Meerut. Holds a tally of over 10 paper presentations in national conferences. Nominated for the Bhagwat Award in the year 2015 for his notable career achievements.

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