What are the new treatment modalities in depression?

What are the new treatment modalities in depression?

Dr. Pradeep K Chadha, Psychiatrist, Psychotherapist and Stress Management, Ireland, will explain the new treatment modalities in depression, in this video. There are not many changes in the treatment of depression except the new drugs have been introduced. He will explain that the newer drugs have less side effects than the older ones. Medications are only used in severe cases of depression and psychological and behavioral therapies are used to manage the mild to moderate depression.

Dr. Pradeep K Chadha

MBBS, DCP DPM. Integrative Psychiatrist, Psychotherapist, Coach. Registered In Ireland and in India to practice medicine. Author of 'The Stress Barrier- Nature's Way to Overcoming Stress' and 'The Road To A Happy Life'. Practices with and without psychiatric medications. His work is known as 'Chadha Model Subjective Emotive Brief Therapy'.

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