How should we diagnose glaucoma in clinic?

How should we diagnose glaucoma in clinic?

In this video, Dr. Suneeta Dubey, Heads the Glaucoma Clinic at SCEH, New Delhi, answer "How should we diagnose glaucoma in clinic"

Dr. Suneeta Dubey

Dr. Suneeta is a consultant – Anterior Segment and Glaucoma specialist. She ranked the first position in MS (Ophthalmology) from Indore Medical College and have performed several thousand skilled microsurgeries of the eye in cataract and glaucoma. She completed her observership in General Ophthalmology at St. Francis Hospital, New York, and Fellowship in Glaucoma at Willis Eye Hospital, Philadelphia. She received training in Paediatric Glaucoma by Dr. Gordon Douglas from British Colombia University, Vancouver, Canada through ORBIS International.

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