Can allergies make my child tired?

Can allergies make my child tired?

In this video, Dr Sobyasachi Das will discuss how allergic infections can cause tiredness in children. Nasal allergies lead to nose blockage and hence children with stuffy nose face trouble sleeping. Lack of sleep can result in fatigue and tiredness in children

Dr. Sabyasachi Das

Dr Sabyasachi Das is working as Head of the Department of Pediatric Medicine and Neonatology Woodlands Multispeciality Hospital, Kolkata. He is managing premature babies from a birth weight of 500gms requiring level 3 NICU care for the last 6 years. He is an expert in providing all neonatal and pediatric services like routine care and neonatal resuscitation during child birth, follow up of high risk as well as healthy neonates in office practice, guidance and monitoring of growth-development-nutrition of babies, vaccination of babies and children, scientific guidance and care for children with special abilities, clinic guidance and if required Hospital admission of babies and children (till age of 18 years) during sickness and in case of emergency.

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