Whats the latest about dairy products?

Whats the latest about dairy products?

In this video, Dr. Ishi Khosla, Clinical Nutritionist, Delhi, will discuss about dairy products. There are lot of adulterations in milk products and the quality of milk. She will talk about lactose intolerance. Also, 50% of the people who are gluten tolerant cannot tolerate diary. It is not because of the lactose but the protein which is hard to digest. People are treated as per their allergies and intolerance and differs from case to case.

Dr. Ishi Khosla

Ms. Ishi Khosla is a practicing clinical nutritionist, columnist, author, an entrepreneur, researcher and welfare worker. She is actively involved in clinical practice at the Centre For Dietary Counseling in Delhi where she deals with a wide range of nutrition related health problems including obesity, diabetes, cardio-vascular disease, food allergies, digestive, immune system, neuro psychiatric and endocrine disorders in adults and children.

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