What are the lifestyle interventions in Diabetes?

What are the lifestyle interventions in Diabetes?

Dr. R K Marya, Diabetologist, Delhi will discuss about the lifestyle intervention in diabetes in this video. Diabetes has become an epidemic in India. Even children sit and play computer games indoor instead of doing outdoor activities. Sedentary lifestyle and eating habits are majorly contributing for the occurrence of central obesity causing insulin resistance leading to diabetes. He will also explain how to modify lifestyle for a healthy life.

Dr. R.K Marya

Dr. R.K Marya At present working as a Consultant (Internal Medicine), Diabetologist and Cardiologist in Marya Clinic - Centre of Diabetes and Life Style Diseases, Rural Medicare Society, Mohinder Hospital and National Heart Institute. He has several research papers published and has chaired many sessions and delivered lectures. He also has life memberships in several professional societies.

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