Tips for patients when diagnosed with diabetes?

Tips for patients when diagnosed with diabetes?

Dr. Rajeev Chawla, Director of Diabetes Center, New Delhi, will discuss about the tips used while diagnosing diabetes in this video. He talks about disciplining the diet, lifestyle and accept the diagnosis. This will help to prevent the long term diabetes complications which can be faced with the sugar levels are not in control. He emphasizes on following a well prescribed balanced diet and exercise 30 – 60 minutes daily or at least 5 times a week.

Dr. Rajeev Chawla

He is trained in Diabetology at Diabetes and Endocrinology Centre of Western New York. Presently working as Sr. Consultant in the Department of Medicine & Diabetology in Maharaja Agrasen Hospital, Delhi, he is also visiting Sr. Consultant Physician & Diabetologist at Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute. He is Director ‘North Delhi Diabetes Centre’ at Rohini, New Delhi for last 19 years and approved DNB Teacher & Guide for DNB (Medicine) for 8 years. He is Chairman of RSSDI, Delhi Chapter and Joint Secretary of RSSDI National Body (2011-2013). He has several publications. He is pursuing multicentric Clinical Research in collaboration with Diabetes and Endocrinology Centre of Western New York and Diabetes Centre at Lahore.

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