Novel AI System Modestly Monitors Elderly People In Their Living Spaces

Engineers are employing artificial intelligence (AI) and wireless devices to monitor elderly people in their living places and furnish early detection of emerging health problems. Through their discovery, Shaker and his colleagues helped overburdened public healthcare systems to meet the urgent needs of rapidly growing elderly populations.

This new system is created by researchers at the University of Waterloo, which tracks an individual's activities accurately and continuously to accumulate vital information without the necessity for a wearable device and alerts medical experts in case of need. 

The new system includes a wireless transmitter that dispatches low-power waveforms across an interior space, like a long-term care room, apartment, or home. When the waveforms strike different objects and monitor the people, they're captured and processed by a receiver. The information received by an AI engine interprets the processed waves for detection and monitoring applications.

This system can be mounted on a ceiling or by a wall and overcomes the limitations of wearable monitoring devices, like being uncomfortable to wear and frequent battery charging.

Waterloo researchers, together with Gold Sentintel, a Canadian company, have commercialized the technology and installed it in several long-term care homes.


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