How reliable is stool occult blood?

How reliable is stool occult blood?

In this video, Dr. Sunil Dargar, MBBS, MD, Pathologist, New Delhi, will talk how reliable is stool occult blood In a stool sample, the occult blood is the second most frequently asked test in a stool sample. Occult blood is the presence of blood in stools but not visible to the naked eye. The occult blood comes from the upper area of the intestines. The patient is instructed to avoid non-veg food for 48 hours before the test. Also any iron related drugs should be avoided before the collection of the sample. Dr. Dargar also talks about the importance of checking two samples for occult blood from the same stool sample of the patient as occult blood is not uniformly present.

Dr. Sunil Dargar

MBBS, MD - Pathology & Microbiology. Has 38 years of experience. Pathologist in Jasola, Delhi and has an experience of 38 years in this field. Practices at Delhi ENT Multispecialty Hospital and Research Centre in Jasola, Delhi. Completed MBBS from Nagpur University in 1980 and MD - Pathology & Microbiology from Nagpur University in 1983. A member of Delhi Medical Council.

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