Experiencing Mental Stress/Depression, Resort To Physical Exercise Rather Than Drugs

The benefit of physical activity in relieving stress is well known. The findings of a new study published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine confirmed that high-intensity exercise aids in attenuating depression, anxiety, and psychological stress.

Although all forms of exercise are beneficial for mental well-being, high-intensity exercise was found to be the most impactful in alleviating mental stress and its aftermath; vis, anxiety and depression.

Future recommendations are likely to integrate physical exercise as a primary modality for treating mental health issues and related symptoms.

The World Health Organization has recognized mental health problems are on the rise and are a major public health concern, which imposes a magnanimous economic burden – estimated $2.5 trillion annually. The financial burden has only escalated post-pandemic. 

Structured exercise regimens and high-intensity exercises have been recommended. Some recommended forms are – walking, pilates, yoga, and resistance training. Engaging in high-intensity exercise for short time spans render the maximum benefits in individuals with mental health issues.

Although exercising may gain importance as the primary treatment modality, it is not likely to replace counseling or medication completely.


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