Diabetes Diet-Plan

Eating right is an essential step in combatting diabetes and warding off the associated complications. Low-carb, high-fiber diet plans have been repeatedly prescribed by physicians treating patients with diabetes. Further, fried and sugary food items are a strict no-no.

Sujata Sharma, a Diabetes Educator, has recommended an effective meal plan for Indian diabetic patients, which may be hassle-free to organize in the Indian kitchen and may seem appealing to our most sensitive tastebuds.

Firstly, we must take food thrice or four times a day. Sujata Sharma suggests the following diet plan as breakfast, lunch, snack, and dinner:





Tea – green/black (without sugar)


Low-carb roti with palak paneer

Roasted makhana

Low-carb roti with chicken curry Cucumber carrot salad

Eggs with sauteed vegetables

Sauteed cabbage with radish raita

Greek yogurt

Thick mixed vegetable soup

Paneer with sauteed vegetables.

Low-carb paratha with masala bhindi

Green tea with mixed nuts and oilseeds

Paneer tikka/chicken tikka/fish tikka with green salad

Flavored buttermilk with flax seeds.

Baigan bharta




Cucumber raita



Most importantly, regular blood-glucose monitoring and adhering to the recommended meal planning and portion size should be followed. Further, diabetes-friendly methods of cooking – baking or grilling must be preferred on most days.


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