Comparative Evaluation of Betadine (Povidone-Iodine), Chlorhexidine (CHX), and Normal Saline in Tooth Extraction: A Study on Dry Socket Incidence and Infection Control

Tooth extraction is a common dental procedure that can be performed either through straightforward or surgical methods. A variety of mouthwashes, including Betadine (povidone-iodine) and Chlorhexidine (CHX), have been used as irrigation solutions for infection control during tooth extractions. A recent study evaluated the effectiveness of these mouthwashes in preventing post-extraction complications, specifically dry sockets and infection.

The study enrolled 30 participants undergoing single-tooth extractions and divided them into three groups: Group I received normal saline, Group II received CHX, and Group III received Betadine. It found-

  • The age of the study participants ranged from 20 to 50, with a mean age of 31.4 years in the control group and 36.6 years in the patient group. 
  • Significant association of age with the incidence of dry socket, with  patientsof 30 years old or more experiencing it more frequently. 
  • A significantly lower incidence of dry sockets in the experimental group using Betadine compared to the control group. 
  • No correlation between oral hygiene status and the occurrence of dry sockets; however, a link between povidone-iodine mouthwash use and better oral hygiene.
  • A substantial reduction in dry socket incidence following povidone-iodine mouthwash use.

This study demonstrates that Betadine (povidone-iodine) is associated with a lower incidence of dry socket and infection when compared to Chlorhexidine (CHX) and normal saline. 

This suggests that povidone-iodine may be an effective choice for mouthwash in preventing post-extraction complications, specifically dry sockets, and infection in tooth extraction procedures. 

Source: Francis J, et al. Efficiency Of Betadine Vs Chlorhexidine Vs Normal Saline In Extraction Group Of Patients. Journal of Biomedical Engineering. 2023; 40(3):401.


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