5 Tips to Stay Safe OR 5 Tips to Protect Yourself

1. Use Alcohol-Based Hand Rub Or Wash Hands With Soap And Water
     A.      Before Touching A Patient

    B.      Before Engaging In Clean/Aseptic Procedures

    C.      After Body Fluid Exposure Risk

    D.      After Touching A Patient 

    E.      After Touching Patient Surroundings

2.  If Performing An Aerosol Generating Procedure, Such As Intubation, Use A Particulate Respirator Such As An N95-Do A Seal Check

3.   When Entering A Room With A Suspected Or Confirmed COVID 19 Patient Put On Disposable Gloves, A Clean, Long Sleeve Gown, Medical Mask That Covers Nose And Mouth, And Eye Protection Such As Goggles

4.  Use Oral Antiseptic Rinse Like Povidone-Iodine Gargle (3- 4 Times A Day) For Oral Hygiene 

5.  Limit The Number Of Visitors Per Patient; All Visitors Should Wear The Necessary Personal Protective Equipment And Record Their Visits 

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