What is laparoscopy in infertility?

Dr. Kaberi Banerjee, Medical Director, Advanced Fertility & Gynecology Center, New Delhi, will talk on laparoscopy in infertility in this video. Laparoscopy is an important diagnostic and therapeutic tool in infertility. It is generally done for long standing infertility woman with pelvic conditions such as fibroids, endometriosis, hydrosalpinx and also sometimes done in cases of tubal blockage. She further explains that there are three situations the couple might face: The reports are normal and the couple have a good chances of conceiving with medical treatment. There might be severe tubal blockage and are asked to go for IVF. In women with mild to moderate problems such as PCOS, fibroids or tubes, treatment is done in the same sitting and the couple has a better chance of conception after laparoscopy.