The utility of new biomarkers in therapeutic decisions, particularly in the diagnosis and assessment of chronic hepatitis B, is a subject of extensive study.

Several markers, including hepatitis B virus (HBV) RNA, HBcrAg and HBsAg isoforms, are currently under investigation, and the available data indicate promising potential.

 These biomarkers are likely to play a crucial role in assessing the response to newer therapies for chronic hepatitis B. However, certain challenges persist in this area.

The measurement of these biomarkers needs improvement, particularly in terms of developing simpler and more widely available assays. Moreover, the clinical role of these biomarkers requires a better defi nition, which can be achieved through studies conducted in various patient groups. It is essential to wait for a better understanding of their role in monitoring HBV treatment and for the development of guidelines that can effectively incorporate their use.

Overall, the ongoing research on these biomarkers holds signifi cant promise for enhancing therapeutic decisions in the management of chronic hepatitis B.


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