Right time to initiate Insulin Therapy

Right time to initiate Insulin Therapy

Insulin initiation and titration can be challenging for several clinicians who are involved in the treatment of patients with type 2 diabetes. Moreover, in spite of the introduction of advanced insulin analogs and availability of improved insulin delivery devices, many patients with type 2 diabetes still have suboptimal glycemic control. In this issue of Diabetes News Nucleus, let us learn about insulin therapy for the management of diabetes patients - its initiation, titration and much more.

Dr. S K Wangnoo

Dr. S K Wangnoo is a Senior Consultant Endocrinologist at the Apollo Centre for Obesity, Diabetes & Endocrinology (ACODE) of Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals in Sarita Vihar, New Delhi. He is also Honorary Physician Endocrinologist to the President of India. After obtaining the MBBS (1976) and MD Medicine (1981) degrees, Dr. Wangnoo successfully completed the DM (Endocrinology) Examination in 1984.

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