Non-traditional Risk Factors for ASCVD

Non-traditional Risk Factors for ASCVD

  • Most MIs occurs in young patients without risk factors; 1.1 million patients <55 years with MI.
  • Multiple non-traditional risk factors for ASCVD
    • Frailty, ADL, glaucoma, arthritis, sinusitis, incontinence, social dependence for personal care.
  • Risk enhancing factors for clinician-patient risk discussion
    • Family history of premature ASCVD
    • Primary hypercholesterolemia
    • Metabolic syndrome
    • Chronic kidney disease (CKD)
    • Chronic inflammatory conditions
    • History of premature menopause and history of a pregnancy-associated condition that increases later ASCVD risk
    • Lipid biomarkers associated with increased ASCVD risk.

Dr. Dinesh Kalra

Dr. Dinesh Kalra is a Professor of Medicine Director of Advanced Cardiac Imaging, Lipid Clinic & Infiltrative Heart Disease Program. He Completed MD, FACC, FNLA, FSCCT, FSCMR.

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