Medical Device in the Brain Cures Parkinson's Disease-Associated Chronic Immobility

Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS) has shown positive results for people suffering from Parkinson's Disease. The device is being used in India, where over seven million individuals suffer from the condition. Dr. Ajit K. Sinha, a Senior Consultant in the Neurosurgery Department at Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, highlights the importance of raising awareness about such treatment options to provide individuals with the best opportunity to live a normal life. 

DBS is typically used when medications become less effective or their side effects interfere with daily activities related to individuals with movement disorders or neuropsychiatric conditions. 

Recently, a 51-year-old lady underwent a successful DBS surgery to stabilize her motor problems caused by Parkinson's Disease at Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, Delhi. She had been bearing with the condition for nine years. The procedure involved implanting electrodes in her brain to stimulate specific areas associated with movement disorders. The surgery was performed while the patient was awake, allowing doctors to monitor and improve her symptoms throughout the procedure. 

Following the surgery, the patient's medication dosage has reduced, and her quality of life has significantly improved. Dr. Sinha emphasizes that DBS has also shown positive results for other conditions such as tremors, dystonia, depression, OCD, epilepsy, and chronic pain and encourages individuals to consider these options for better outcomes.


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