Lymphatics in Liver Diseases

Lymphatics in Liver Diseases

Administration of VEGF-C or D may ameliorate benign liver diseases by increasing lymphangiogenesis and lymphatic drainage. Blocking lymphangiogenesis could also be an appropriate option for diseases such as cholangiocarcinoma where tumor-induced lymphangiogenesis may promote metastasis of malignant tumors. Identification of alternative lymphangiogenic pathways other than the VEGF-C/D/VEGFR3 axis, including additional pro- and anti-lymphangiogenic factors will likely increase novel therapeutic options for cholangiocarcinoma in particular and liver diseases in general. Exciting times are waiting ahead. A completely new era of therapeutics in liver diseases and portal hypertension is likely to unravel in the near future.

Dr. Akash Shukla

Dr. Akash Shukla is an Director and Consultant in Department, Hepatology at Sir H. N. Reliance Foundation Hospital and Research Centre. He has completed his MBBS, MD-(Medicine) and DM-(Gastroenterology). He has published over 86 original research papers.


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