Lipid and Lab Reporting

Lipid and Lab Reporting

  • Nonfasting samples can be used to measure total cholesterol (TC), HDL-C and HDL-C.
  • TG can be measured in a nonfasting state, but reference intervals in a nonfasting form must be established for the same in larger populations.
  • For patients, laboratories and clinicians, nonfasting lipid profiles represent a simplification without negative implications for CVD prevention for prognostic, diagnostic and therapeutic options.
  • The burden of ASCVD in India is alarmingly high and is a cause of concern.
  • In patients with established ASCVD, treatment decisions pertaining to the use of preventive CV therapies are relatively straightforward as all patients require aggressive risk reduction.
  • However, in patients who do not have pre-existing ASCVD, i.e., those requiring primary prevention of ASCVD, wide heterogeneity in the likelihood of developing ASCVD necessitates some form of risk stratification.
  • Now is the time to formulate a lipid profile report that gives personalized risk stratification to the patients, as the knowledge of the anticipated ASCVD risk may help improve patients’ health-related behaviors and compliance with the interventions.

Dr. Nimmi Kansal

Dr. Nimmi Kansal is a National Head, Clinical Chemistry & Biochemical Genetics National Reference Laboratory Dr Lal PathLabs Ltd. She Completes MBBS, MD, Clinical Chemistry from University College of Medical Sciences, Delhi. NABL Assessor and member of Association of Medical Biochemist, Indian Society of Atherosclerosis Research and Indian Academy of Biomedical Sciences, She has been invited as panelist, has delivered various invited talks and plenary lectures in many conferences.


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