LDL Cholesterol

LDL Cholesterol

1.    Atherosclerosis is a preventable disorder.

2.   LDL-C plays a central role in Atherosclerosis, Epidemiological, Observational studies, Genetic studies and randomized control trials have shown the impact of LDL as the Culprit.

3.   The more the reduction of LDL-C seen in the primary and secondary prevention trials by the using statins either moderator high-dose more benefit that was witnessed in CV reduction both in morbidity and mortality.

4.    Hence, our prime focus should be lowering LDL-C and keeping it low throughout our life.

5.    LDL-C:

a)    Lower the better

b)   Earlier the better

c)    Longer the better.

6.    LAI recommendation in 2020:

a)    For high risk <70 mg/dL

b)   Very high risk <50 mg/dL.

Introduced extreme risk group

Extreme risk Category A:

a)    Requires <50 mg/dL

b)   Optional <30 mg/dL

Extreme risk Category B:

a)    <30 mg/dL

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Dr. SN Narasingan

Dr. SN Narasingan Physician specializing in Internal Medicine & Cardiology and is the Managing Director.

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