Hot and Humid Weather Sparks Health Concerns with Rising Diarrhea and Skin Infection Cases in Patna

The scorching heat and humidity in Patna have not only made life uncomfortable for residents but have also resulted in a spike in various health issues, including cases of diarrhea, skin problems, and bacterial and viral infections. Moreover, there is a growing concern over the threat of vector-borne diseases, with a few cases of dengue already reported in different hospitals in the state capital.

Dr. Divendu Bhushan, Associate Professor and Head of Emergency Medicine at AIIMS-Patna, revealed, “Many people with fever are coming to the hospital. Apart from viral fever, we have treated three dengue cases this month. Even cases of gastroenteritis have witnessed a rise, with eight to nine such cases in the last few days, including two serious patients who were saved with quick medical aid.”

Emphasizing the importance of hygiene during this extreme weather, Dr. Bhushan cautioned people about the impending rise in vector-borne diseases in the state over the next two to three weeks.

Dr. Neeraj Bharti, Consultant in Internal Medicine at Jaya Prabha Medanta, highlighted that the concentration of bacteria and viruses increases in such weather, leading to infections like influenza or fever. He noted a significant increase of nearly 20 to 25 percent in such cases at their hospital, including four dengue patients with a travel history from outside the state.

Dr. Naresh Kumar, Head of General Medicine at Indira Gandhi Institute of Medical Sciences (IGIMS), pointed out the rise in fever and cough cases in their outpatient department. He also warned that those with allergies exposed to such conditions may face health issues.

The scorching weather has also taken a toll on children’s health, escalating skin problems. According to Dr. Nigam Prakash Narain, former head of the Pediatric Department at PMCH, “Children’s glands get enlarged because of skin infections like boils. Nearly 30 to 40 percent of children are coming with such issues.” He further stated that diarrhea in children is on the rise due to water contamination and fomite-borne infections, which have now doubled.

As the hot and humid weather persists, health authorities are urging residents to take preventive measures, maintain hygiene, and stay vigilant about the potential spread of vector-borne diseases in the region.


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