Health Campaign to Combat Filaria Set to Kick Off on August 10

Hathigaon, Deepapur, and Hathipur villages in Sarsaul block witnessed an insightful filaria awareness program organized by self-help groups under the guidance of the health department. The aim was to convey an important message to the villagers about an upcoming campaign scheduled from August 10 to August 28, which focuses on administering preventive medicines against filariasis. Dedicated Asha workers will go door-to-door, ensuring everyone receives the necessary medication to combat this disease effectively.

During the meetings held by the self-help groups, Anjana Kushwaha, the community health officer of Deepapur village, educated the villagers about filariasis. Additionally, Malti and Nirmala Pal, members of the Bajrangi Filariasis network, emphasized initiating an impactful campaign that would involve the administration of anti-filarial medicines.

Another meeting, held at the Gram Panchayat Bhawan in Hathipur, brought together the Maa Sharda Filaria Network group. CHO Sonia addressed the gathering, revealing that ASHA workers would diligently visit every village throughout August, ensuring filariasis medicines’ distribution. However, she cautioned that only three categories of individuals should refrain from taking these medications—children below the age of one, pregnant women, and those afflicted by incurable diseases.

The launch of this campaign holds immense significance in the fight against filariasis. By providing preventive medication to the community, it is anticipated that the prevalence of this disease can be curbed effectively. The collective efforts of the self-help groups, Asha workers, and health departments will play a vital role in raising awareness, promoting community participation, and ensuring a healthier future for all.


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