Fungal Infections During Monsoons – Prevention is the Key

Dr. Vichitra Sharma, a dermatologist, advises taking preventive measures to avoid fungal infections during the monsoon season. The expert recommends wearing loose clothes made of cotton or linen fabrics to prevent moisture buildup and avoiding thick fabrics like denim. 

Frequent change of attire is also suggested, particularly in areas prone to sweating, such as armpits, under breasts, inner thighs, and behind the knees. Dr. Sharma warns against scratching if a fungal infection occurs, as it can spread to the nails and contaminate other skin areas. In such cases, keeping the nails trimmed is important. 

Over-the-counter steroid creams should be avoided as they can worsen fungal infections, especially in cases of immunosuppression. People with diabetes or chronic kidney disease should consult a dermatologist, as some medications they take may hamper the effectiveness of antifungal creams. Additional preventive measures include air-drying hair before tying it, frequently washing towels, caps, bed sheets, and pillowcases, requesting tool sanitization at salons or barbershops, and using moisturizing creams instead of oils for individuals prone to infections.

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