Everything To Know About The Omicron Variant

Everything To Know About The Omicron Variant

Omicron Update: 17/01/22

Latest Stats: 

1,05,964 new active cases, 2,58,089 new cases, 385 new fatalities, 1,51,740 new recoveries.

New cases are down 13,113 (5%) from the previous day.

In India, the difference between new cases recorded in the last 7 days and the previous 7 days is +113% (the global average is +14%).

West Bengal:

On January 1, Kolkata had 53 percent — or more than half — of the state's new infections; according to Wednesday's estimates, that proportion has dropped to 32 percent, or little less than a third.

Bengal had reported 4,512 instances as of January 1, with 2,398 of them coming from Kolkata. On that day, the combined proportion of the five worst-affected districts — North and South 24 Parganas, Howrah, Hooghly, and West Burdwan, with 1,639 cases — was 36%. By Tuesday, Kolkata's share had dropped to 28%, while the five districts' combined share had risen to 46%.

"According to the figures, the city's percentage of Covid cases is decreasing, despite the fact that instances in particular regions are increasing. This indicates fanning of the cases towards the district side."


There are 41,327 new cases in Maharashtra, 34,047 in Karnataka, and 23,975 in Tamil Nadu.


Kerala has 158 new fatalities (including 150 from the previous year), West Bengal has 36, and Maharashtra has 29.

Union Territories:

Active cases have decreased in four states/UTs (Delhi, Jharkhand, Mizoram, and Bihar).

COVID Vaccine Stats:

A total of 39,46 lakh fresh immunizations have been administered. Total: 157.20 crores. 

  • Yesterday, 12.39 lakh people aged 18 and up received their first dosage, followed by 19.67 lakh people receiving their second dose. 

  • Yesterday, 39.46 lakh 15-18 year olds received their first dosage. 

  • The preventive dosage was given to 1.21 lakh people. 

  • 65.80 crore people have been properly immunised.

COVID Testing Stats:

A total of 13.13 lakh fresh tests have been performed. The daily positive rate for all India tests is 19.65%. (16.28% the previous day).

  • In the last 252 days, the test positive rate has been at an all-time high.

  • Tests are 22% lower than the day before. Positive test results were 3.37% higher.

  • Daily test positive rate: 45.85% in Goa, 43.66% in Puducherry, and 30.55% in Kerala.

  • Test positive rate (weekly average): 35.75 percent in Goa, 31.22 percent in West Bengal, and 28.29 percent in Delhi.

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What did the Centre say about the degree of illness in the two people who tested positive for the Omicron variant?

According to the Centre, the symptoms are now minor. "We are not observing any serious symptoms in the instances of Omicron discovered in the country," said the Joint Secretary, Union Health Ministry. This is consistent with findings from other nations showing that, while Omicron is more transmissible, patients had minor symptoms.

What has the Centre stated regarding vaccination effectiveness?

Dr. Balram Bhargava, Director General of the ICMR, stated that it is too early to remark on the efficacy of vaccinations against the new version of concern — and that Indian scientists must isolate the Omicron variant, cultivate it, and test it in laboratory conditions to determine its efficacy.

According to scientific consensus, a whole-killed virion-based vaccination (Covaxin) may have a broader antigenic presentation and a broader range of action against novel emerging variations. 

"However, we have only found two Omicron instances, and it is premature to remark on the vaccine's efficacy until we isolate the virus, grow the virus, and test the virus in a laboratory environment," Bhargava added. Dr. V K Paul, the head of India's Covid-19 working force, stated that vaccine producers are also looking at vaccine effectiveness.

What is the public health plan for dealing with the new Omicron threat?

First, the health ministry stated that the public should not worry and that the emphasis should be on rigorous compliance with wearing masks and properly vaccinating the eligible population. Appropriate Covid-19 behavior is essential. The use of masks, hand cleanliness, and avoiding large crowds will all assist to break the transmission cycle.

Vaccination is still "the most crucial tool". There is no question that we need to enhance vaccine coverage. Science informs us that we must take vaccinations at this moment. The new variation may reduce the vaccine's effectiveness to some extent; we stated the same thing about Delta. It makes no difference. We must consider the larger picture. We must defend every individual by comprehensive immunization. "There can't be a backlog of the second dosage," Paul explained.

What is the current status of booster doses?

The Centre also stated that the scientific justification for administering the booster dosage is "under review," but the priority is to comprehensively vaccinate the population. "We're constantly learning about Omicron's traits and impact." 

“Not only in India but also internationally diagnostic tests are being performed. Vaccination must be promoted since it is beneficial. That is all the information we have at this time. We will investigate any new information that comes to light.”

“We're doing a lot of research on the benefits of a booster shot. It is a continuous workout in our technological and scientific communities. Everything is being thoroughly studied. We will make judgments in the future as the situation develops and more scientific knowledge (on Omicron) emerges," Paul added.

Will the government impose a state of emergency?

No. Dr. V K Paul, the leader of India's Covid-19 mission, also stated that there is no need for a lockdown. Instead, he stated that the introduction of Omicron has made it even more necessary to closely adhere to the 'universal vaccination,' which is the wearing of masks. "With the emergence of the new danger of Omicron, there should not be fear, but responsibility," he added.

Kerala has recorded 4,700 new Covid-19 cases, including 320 fatalities

Kerala registered 4,700 new Covid-19 cases and 320 fatalities on Thursday, bringing the total number of cases to 51,40,090 and the death toll to 40,855, according to the state administration. 

According to an official press release, 66 of the 320 fatalities were reported in recent days, and 254 were labeled as Covid-19 deaths after obtaining appeals based on the Centre's revised rules and the Supreme Court's directives.

Thiruvananthapuram had the newest cases among the 14 districts, with 850, followed by Ernakulam (794), and Kozhikode (612). Of the new cases, 40 were health workers, 18 were from outside the state, and 4,437 were infected by contact with an unknown source in 205.

According to the announcement, there are presently 1,55,639 persons under surveillance in various regions, with 1,50,837 in-home or institutional quarantine and 4,802 in hospitals.





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