Diabetes in Women & Pregnancy?

Diabetes in Women & Pregnancy?

The video talks about diabetes in women and pregnancy by Dr. Sunil Gupta, Diabetologist, Nagpur. Diabetes in pregnancy is a big challenge but it is possible that a young woman suffering from diabetes can get pregnant. Pre-conception counseling is necessary and the sugar levels should be in control before conceiving. Diabetic woman can conceive. Dr. Gupta will also talk about whether the baby delivered will have type 1 diabetes or type 2 diabetes. If the blood sugar levels are controlled then the baby will not have any type of diabetes. He will also explain what if the sugars are uncontrolled.

Dr. Sunil Gupta

Dr. Sunil Gupta is a Consultant Diabetologist. Graduation and post-graduation from Indira Gandhi Govt. Medical College (IGGMC) Nagpur. Has to his credit 6 consecutive Best National Research Paper Awards from RSSDI (Research Society for Study of Diabetes in India). Presented 23 International, 30 National Papers & Published 146 Articles, Book chapters & Abstracts in National & International Journals including the prestigious British Medical Journal (BMJ) & American Heart Journal and Diabetes. Founder and trustee of a charitable trust of Diabetes Care Foundation of India (Nagpur).

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