Why heart patients are more vulnerable to coronavirus

Why heart patients are more vulnerable to coronavirus

Advisory to heart patients for preventing Coronavirus infection

The Coronavirus pandemic has affected almost every country in the world. We are passing through an extremely critical phase. Although the condition can affect people across age groups, the elderly and those with certain pre-existing medical conditions such as asthma, diabetes, and heart disease are more vulnerable to its severity

. There is no treatment available for the condition,but awareness must be raised on taking precautions. People across all age groups must follow good hand and respiratory hygiene to avoid a possible infection.Those with cardiovascular problems should ensure that they follow all the advisories and protocols. 

It is imperative for heart patients to not stop medication for hypertension or other associated conditions. They must not be misguided by rumors since that might make them discontinue their treatment protocols, leading to complications. 

Apart from this, prevention is of utmost importance. We are all aware of the fact that social distancing and self-isolation are the need of the hour. Even in these times, one should avoid panicking and be calm. Keep a safe distance from anyone who has been affected or is showing symptoms.

Constantly monitor your vitals and in case you notice anything unusual, contact a specialist immediately. Apart from this, basic preventive measures must be taken including washing hands frequently and avoiding touching possibly contaminated surfaces, etc. 

Continue to consume a heart-healthy diet and hydrate yourself adequately. Get adequate light to moderate physical activity at home depending on the advice given by your doctor. Following these precautions will ensure that your stay healthy, that your immune system is strong, and that you do not experience any heart-related complications.

Dr. M.K Das

Dr. M.K. Das is a Senior Consultant Cardiologist, Medical Research Institute, Kolkata.


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