Coronavirus-Diabetics are more vulnerable By Dr. Manoj Chawla

Coronavirus-Diabetics are more vulnerable By Dr. Manoj Chawla

Dr Manoj Chawla

Diabetologist, Mumbai

Patients with diabetes and other chronic conditions such as hypertension, asthma, respiratory diseases are much more susceptible to COVID-19 infections and may experience worst outcomes. The clear advice is to stay indoors, practice principle of social distancing and avoid any contact with those who may be or suspected to be infected 

Some reports stating that the users of ACE inhibitors or ARBs are more susceptible have been circulating.  However, there is no such evidence and multiple societies from across the globe have clarified that there is no provenassociation between use of these drugs and increased susceptibility towards COVID-19. Do not stop medications; contact your doctors through telecommunication

Enhanced stress and lack of exercise have raised the possibility of increased blood glucose levels. Monitor blood glucose more frequently and regularly; consult your doctor and modify the insulin or other OHAs dosage based on your doctor’s advice. Monitor your metabolic parameters and keep your blood glucose under check

Current ICMR recommendations are only for prophylactic use of hydroxychloroquine in case of health care professionals who may be in contact with COVID-19 patients, direct or known contacts of those affected with COVID-19. There may be certain side effects and hence they should not be used in general public without doctor’s prescription

Most important thing to prevent COVID-19 infection is follow social distancing and staying indoors

Dr. Manoj Chawla

Dr Manoj Chawla is a Consultant Diabetologist & Coordinator Department Of Diabetology in Asian Heart Institute. He completed MBBS from University of Mumbai, Mumbai in 1997 and Diploma in Diabetes from University of Mumbai, Mumbai in 1999. He is a member of Maharastra Medical Council.


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